Apple A1243 QWERTZ-German Tastatur/Keyboard Numeric Keypad + 2x.

Apple A1243 QWERTZ-German Tastatur/Keyboard Numeric Keypad + 2x.

Apple A1243 QWERTZ-German Tastatur/Keyboard Numeric Keypad + 2x. Gebraucht

Apple A1243 (MB110D/B) (QWERTZ) Tastatur/Keyboard Numeric Keypad

This wired German keyboard is a well-designed and durable keyboard for Mac....also for Normal PCs compatible.

USB Connection on both sides

Product Identifiers
Brand: Apple
Model: A1243
EMC Number:2171

Die LMP USB Tastatur KB-1243 stellt eine kostengünstige Alternative zur Apple Magic Tastatur dar, die mit allen Mac mit USB Anschluss einsetzbar ist.
Robuste 3-Zonen USB Tastatur mit 110 Tasten (ISO) und Aluminium Abdeckung. Verfügt über numerischen Zahlenblock sowie zwei zusätzliche USB 2.0 Ports für
den Anschluss von USB Peripherie mit geringem Stromverbrauch (z.B. USB Maus, USB Flash). Hochwertige Aluminium Abdeckung und lasergravierte Keycaps;
deutsche Tastaturbelegung QWERTZ (ISO). Angenehmer Tastenhub mit kurzer Travel Distance und geringem Geräuschpegel.
Universell einsetzbar ab Mac OS X 10.5 bis 10.11, macOS 10.12 und höher.

Key Features:

    USB Tastatur mit 110 Tasten
    2x USB 2.0 Hub (rechts/links)
    Aluminium Abdeckung
    lasergravierte Keycaps
    für alle Mac mit USB Port und Mac OS X 10.5 und höher

Key Features
Keyboard Type: Slim
Interface: USB

2-port USB hub

Connections: 2 x USB

Technical Features
Connectivity Technology: Wired

The Apple Model: A1243 wired keyboard is a well-designed and durable wired keyboard for Mac. It has smooth and comfortable keys and a tough metal frame, and provides all the features you need to work with your Mac computer seamlessly.
Enjoy a full keyboard including navigation keys, a numeric keypad, and plenty of designated shortcut buttons.

The keyboard has two spare USB ports to accommodate other wired accessories.

This high-quality and thoughtfully designed Apple wired keyboard will last years and retain smooth keystrokes.
It makes a solid addition to your Mac desktop or laptop computer, and has a modern, minimal design.
The outer casing of the Apple wired keyboard is made of tough anodized aluminum with a silver finish, making the keyboard durable and giving it a high-quality feel. It is ultra-thin and has white, low-profile keys with laser-etched labels that will not wear off, even after years of use.

The keys provide a quick, quiet, crisp response that lets you type quicker and with more accuracy. The Apple wired keyboard has a full-sized QWERTY keyboard as well as a full numeric keypad on the far-right side.
It features four full-size arrow keys for easy scrolling and game play, and a full row of function keys that make access to some of your most frequent Mac OS functions quick and easy.

These shortcuts include volume control, screen brightness, Mission Control access, eject disc, play/pause audio, and access software
Launch pad.

The Apple wired keyboard is designed ergonomically to be at an angle that will cause as little strain as possible on your wrists. This thoughtful design combined with pleasant and responsive keys makings typing all day on the Apple wired keyboard a thoughtless and comfortable experience. Additionally, the keyboard has two discreet USB 2.0 ports, one on either end of the device.

Plug in a mouse, digital camera, iPhone, and any other USB-compatible accessories conveniently and without having to reach behind your desktop computer.
The Apple wired keyboard is designed to work best with Apple computers running Mac OS X v.10.6.8 or later, but it will likely work with any computer that has a USB port.

Many of the shortcut keys, however, will be unusable. For a Mac desktop or laptop, this keyboard is a high-quality accessory with plenty of convenient functions. The Apple Model: A1243 wired keyboard is a thoughtfully designed and well-built keyboard that is comfortable to use and sure to last for years.

The multimedia shortcut keys make many frequent actions quick and accessible, without interrupting your screen. Navigating spreadsheets is a breeze with the arrow keys and full numeric keypad. Easily connect other wired peripheral accessories using the two USB 2.0 ports on each side of the keyboard. A slight angle and quality keystroke action make long stretches of typing easier


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